Course in Clinical Research from best university in Canada

One of the most widely known career options in the healthcare industry, a course in clinical research not only offers a good job scope but also diversity in terms of job tasks. As the name suggests the work involves the research and development of safe and effective treatments which can enhance the dynamic of healthcare. This career path seems to be a promising one. It offers faster career progression due to the high demand for innovations in healthcare. This also contributes to the increase in the number of jobs within this field. Course in clinical research from the best university in Canada is sure to pave the way for entry into Canada clinical research jobs. Careers in Clinical Research are described in detail here. 

Why pursue a course in Clinical Research in Canada?

Canada has become a popular choice for immigrants, especially from India. It is reported to be one of the most immigrant-friendly countries. Moreover, it offers a good standard of living, education, work-life, and several courses in clinical research. The best university in Canada offers courses in clinical research with an average fee of 22,000 CAD. Moreover, job search sites have shown promising data for an abundance of jobs in clinical research. 

Overview of Clinical Research in Canada

Masters in Clinical Research courses are of 1 to 2 years duration. Courses are conducted on-campus. It has full-time and part-time options. Public universities most commonly offer Clinical Research degrees. Some private universities also offer this course. Admission to Canadian universities require a good score on the IELTS or TOEFL. Some universities require GRE or GMAT. Applications are also accompanied by essays, statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation.

High scope of Canada jobs

This profession is a popular choice everywhere. But, in Canada, the scope of Canada clinical research jobs is wide due to the developed nature of the medical infrastructure. The country offers well-equipped research as well as grants. These allow students of a course in clinical research to perform their duties without any hindrance. This lets an individual thrive in their field, thus, contributing to the professional satisfaction of an individual.

Some of the most common job titles under this profession include Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Clinical Research Coordinator, Biostatistician, and Clinical Research Scientist. Another path a master’s degree holder can take is in Academia. Students can pursue these courses of clinical research from the best university in Canada. The job tasks vary with the role as well as the company, however, collection, distribution, and storing of data is a common aspect in every role.

Job Availability in Canada

A click on LinkedIn results around 2,500 Canada clinical research jobs while it is about 170 on Glassdoor and  160 on Indeed. Clinical research graduates are not only offered better diversity and job scope but the pay scale is good as well. The average salary of any position in this field is 67,000 CAD which shoots up to 93,000 CAD in 10 years. 

The Canadian lifestyle comes with a moderate monthly living expense of 2,700 CAD  for a single individual. On the other hand, a family of four spends around 5,100 CAD monthly. As a graduate of a course in clinical research, you will be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle, with room to save.


The data above is an objective indicator of this profession being the right choice in Canada. Opting for this career in Canada is not only professionally beneficial but also offers personal and economic security,making this a reasonable and brilliant choice. So, what are you waiting for? This is your indication to jump the boat and land a course in Clinical research in Canada. High number of Canada clinical research jobs is also a big push.We know you must have hundreds of questions that can all be answered with professional guidance that suits your needs and goals. So, fill the form and let us contact you to begin your journey towards success.

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