Average Salary of Doctors in India Improved with a Non-Clinical Career?

What is the average salary of doctors in India?

A clinical profession is not viewed as a money-making profession, by society at large. It is probably due to this mindset that a realistic discussion on an average doctor’s income, doesn’t happen. The debate is almost always focused on huge medical bills, which makes people believe that the average salary of doctors in India is high. But is it true? Especially when the majority of doctors in all branches of clinical medicine end up without specialization. Even for specialists, do the earnings justify their intelligence, hard work, long-haul commitment, mental challenges, and loss of time with friends and family? One of the other main problems that doctors face is burnout. Read all about it here.

The above data reveals that MBBS graduate doctors only receive an average salary of 4-10 lakhs per annum. Whereas the average salary of BDS doctors in India ranges from 3-9 lakhs per annum, depending upon the sector. The average salary of BAMS doctors in India is 4 lakhs per annum in the private sector. Meanwhile, the government average salary for BUMS and BHMS graduates is only 3 lakhs per annum. This is astonishingly lower than the average salaries in many other countries.

Government average salary of doctors in India

Government posts have been limited, mostly available in rural areas. Over the last 2 decades, most government recruitment has been contractual at much lower salaries than that highlighted by the graph above. hence, most doctors of respective streams will fall in the lower income frames of the spectrum above. 

Average salary of doctors in non-clinical careers

In contrast, have a look at the earnings for the same medical graduates in alternate non-clinical roles below. 

In other words, experience hardly seems to add to an increased average salary of doctors in India.  Do read our articles on country-wise details on each of these career opportunities to learn more. This article will only focus on the salaries by profession for each country.

Salary of Non-Clinical Professions in Various Countries

The following data lists the average salary of non-clinical healthcare professionals by location.

As the above data indicates, the monetary gains can be potentially multifold if you choose to explore any of these careers abroad, and the salary for MBBS doctors in India are nowhere in comparison. For instance, the average starting salary is highest for Hospital Administration regardless of country. Meanwhile, the other non-clinical careers seem to be around the same range in all countries. South Africa and Southeast Asian countries have a lower salary range but with their extremely low living costs, savings will remain about the same. 


The data speaks for itself. The average salary of doctors in India is considerably lower than a non-clinical career. Hence, doctors should consider exploring these non-clinical career options. Depending on the choice and current circumstances, these professions could be better in all career aspects. Our articles on other reasons would help you understand that better. Even if remuneration is the top priority, it is clear that the average salary of doctors in India does not reach the level of non-clinical professions. In conclusion, it seems an easy decision to make, even if monetary gains or a proper career is the only need.

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