Bio Medical Engineering In India

Planning a career in Bio medical Engineering in India?


Then, this is the right place for you! If you have the right aptitude for math and science alongside a desire to help develop and improve health care delivery plans and processes, this career is the right option for you. If you are ready to apply the latest technology to the field of health care, India awaits with jobs in biomedical engineering. 

The foundation lies in the basic sciences of Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology. It also involves the study of all types of engineering ranging from Computers, Electronics, Chemicals, Nanotechnology, and Mechanical. Bio medical engineering covers the latest advances in the development of biomedical technology, instrumentation, and organization. A detailed article on Biomedical Engineering can be found here.

Jobs in Bio medical engineering in India

The jobs in biomedical engineering in India are excellent, with a faster-than-average increase in employment openings between 2019 and 2029. India’s health care system has been showing very progressive results. It grew up to 25% in the last several years and is estimated to be growing at about 15% every year since 2010. An internet search for biomedical engineering jobs in India leads to 2000+ jobs on multiple platforms like Linkedin, Naukri, Glassdoor, etc.

Looking at this career option from a financial point of view, the biomedical engineering salary in India after completing a master’s degree could range from 7-10 lacs per annum. 

Then, 5 to 10 years down the lane with more and more experience, these numbers could go up to 12-17 lacs per annum. Some are also known to be earning up to even 30 lac rupees per annum.

Masters in Bio medical engineering 

Upon the completion of your MBBS degree in India, you can look for degrees offering masters in the field, offered by multiple governments as well as private institutions.

Usually a 2-year program – there are no such specific requirements for these courses, although some universities may conduct entrance exams and group discussions. It is recommended that one score around 50% or more in their MBBS degrees, which would make it easier to pursue a career in this direction. They need advanced knowledge of both biology and engineering. One can expect a decent biomedical engineering salary in India after pursuing these courses.

Many colleges in India offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Biomedical Engineering. This course program includes the study of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Life Science, Biotech, Calculus, Materials Science, Principles of Design, and Biomechanics. The fee structure of said program varies from INR 9,000 to INR 3,00,000 depending upon the university, with an equally promising ROI when one starts working.

Roles and responsibilities of bio medical engineers

Due to the range of responsibilities they might have, there are several industries employing professionals in this field, including medical equipment manufacturing, hospitals, and research and development services – making India an even more ideal place to practice and pursue jobs in bio medical engineering. 

Bio medical Engineers are responsible for developing, designing, and improving medical devices. They too are responsible for the procedures for the efficient diagnosis, operation, and treatment of diseases and other health problems. Along with this, they evaluate the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of bio-medical equipment.

After studying bio medical engineering, you can be employed in public as well as incorporate sectors. You can start your career in hospitals, clinics, and health care centers. Alongside, you can work in a research field where opportunities are huge.

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