Biomedical Engineer Salary in USA and its Career Opportunities

High Biomedical Engineer salary in USA is pointing to the growing demand and significance attached to this new applicative interdisciplinary area. Scope for Biomedical Engineering includes combining knowledge of engineering with health sciences to design medical devices, software, and equipment for solving clinical challenges in diagnosis & treatment of various disease conditions. A Biomedical Engineer salary in USA after master’s from  the top universities in USA is significantly more than average salaries in US of other similar professionals.A clinician interested in the technical aspects of the healthcare industry may choose a career in Biomedical Engineering. However, for a detailed explanation on Biomedical Engineering careers, read this article. 

Scope for Biomedical Engineering in the USA

In the United States, Biomedical Engineers work in different fields. Medical equipment manufacturers are the largest employers of Biomedical Engineers. Secondly, research and development, and universities employ these engineers. Designing and production of medical equipment and software require a multi-disciplinary approach. Therefore, a team of Biomedical Engineers works alongside healthcare professionals and scientists to design a new device.

The scope for Biomedical Engineering is huge and the work is revolutionary. They work on life-changing concepts such as artificial organs, prosthetics, and surgical robotics.

Study Biomedical Engineering in the top universities in USA

A clinician may choose to pursue this career by earning an M.S in Biomedical Engineering in the top universities in USA. This degree requires a substantial amount of prior knowledge in quantitative subjects like calculus and algebra. Therefore, most healthcare professionals are required to attend classes in these subjects before the start of actual coursework in the United States. 

Relevant experience in the field also guarantees a place in a good university and a further better Biomedical Engineer salary in USA. Many universities within the United States ranks among the top universities in USA for Biomedical Engineering. Johns Hopkins, Georgia Tech, Boston University, and Cornell University are the top choices for prospective students.

The duration of the Biomedical Engineering course varies anywhere from 1 year to 2 years, depending upon the course content, concentration areas, and thesis work. Biomedical Engineering graduates may also be employed under various job titles. For example, these include Rehabilitation engineers, Clinical engineers, and Bioengineering Researcher.

The important qualities that any Biomedical Engineer must possess are:

  •       Strong analytical skills
  •       Communication skills
  •       Mathematical skills
  •       Problem-solving skills
  •       Creativity

These skills are necessary for assessing the needs of the target patient and providing the right equipment. Strong communication skills are fundamental due to the direct interaction that most Biomedical Engineers have with patients and their healthcare providers. Creativity is crucial to the development of innovative medical equipment.

Biomedical Engineer salary in USA

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)  provided a report in 2019 which stated a 5% increase in employment for Biomedical Engineers. That is significantly faster than other occupations. This employment growth is said to result from an increase in technology within the medical field. A recent graduate of Biomedical Engineering from the top universities in USA is said to earn an average of 59,900 USD per year.

How does a Biomedical Engineer Salary in USA stack up to the other average salaries in US?

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average salary of Americans is around 51,100 USD. Alternatively, this means that an average American makes close to 980 USD per week. Biomedical Engineers earn much higher than average salaries in US. Therefore, this leaves adequate room for spending and saving.

There is a 3.05% annual growth rate in salary. Biomedical Engineers can advance in their careers by increasing responsibilities and working in the field for many years. The average salaries in US for Biomedical Engineerscome close to 81,000 USD per year. However with the average savings of an American resident being only 930 USD, a Biomedical Engineer will have no difficulty saving enough money at the end of the month.

Scope for Biomedical Engineering in the US job market

The job outlook for a Biomedical Engineer seems promising as the scope for Biomedical Engineering keeps on expanding. According to the BLS, there is a projection of 1400 new job openings for Biomedical Engineers every year. This coincides with the available job openings on famous job sites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. Currently, there are around 10,800 available jobs for Biomedical Engineers worldwide. The local job platform Glassdoor lists 2,200 openings within the United States. Meanwhile, LinkedIn USA and Indeed lists close to 4,200 and 1,800 jobs respectively. Along with salary, Biomedical Engineers also benefit from paid holidays, health insurance, and retirement plans.

Better lifestyle with Biomedical Engineering Salaries in USA

When surveyed, Biomedical Engineers scored their job 3.5 out of 5 for job satisfaction. This is a higher score than 40% of careers. The working environment is fully equipped with modern equipment. Most Biomedical Engineers work a full-time schedule, with longer hours if necessary. Moreover, they earn a satisfactory Biomedical Engineer salary in US. They enjoy working with a combination of mathematics and science. For instance, Forbes magazine put Biomedical Engineering in the spotlight and described it as “the high-paying, low-stress STEM job”. (STEM is an abbreviation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.)

Benefits of studying in the top universities in USA

The United States is a desirable location for anyone seeking to embark on a new career path. The living conditions are well above average, and there are many employment opportunities. Moreover, most major cities are home to cultural diversity and higher income. Also, Indians are bound to find a place in society with a large Indian population spread all over the country. 

Many Biomedical Engineers excelling in their field in the United States are Indians. The most renowned among them teach budding Biomedical Engineers in prestigious institutions including Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Doctors who aim to be at the forefront of the medical profession with their innovation and creativity are perfect for a career in Biomedical Engineering. They can expect a satisfactory or more than satisfactory Biomedical Engineer salary in USA. In conclusion, go for a master’s from the top universities in USA to fall in love with the work. The field of Biomedical Engineering is only set to advance in the coming years. For our expert advice, please fill the form below. 

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