Campus Ambassador Program

Our Campus ambassador program is designed for medical college (all Pathies), Physiotherapy, Dietetics & Pharmacy Final year students, or Interns.

Program present a unique opportunity for eligible candidates to understand explore healthcare beyond clinics Explore non-clinical career options

Learn & experiment on power of their personal digital networks to create an monetizable audience

Become opinion leaders on the above topics in their colleges and networks

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    About NaviSurge

    Challenges besetting the clinical profession are forcing clinicians to explore alternate non-clinical careers. NaviSurge helps such clinicians to explore, navigate & make informed choices for a successful transition according to their choices.

    Roles and Responsibilities of a Campus Ambassador

    1. Conducting unique and engaging promotions and a marketing strategy for different products/services offered by our company in your college or university.
    2. Promoting content on your social media accounts,  which shall be approved and provided by the company. 
    3. Helping the company create potential marketing database of potential clients.


    1. Financial incentives on Lead generation through your efforts.
    2. One time personalized report and discount on our premium services.
    3. Potential to build your brand in your college community with the information you receive from us.