Career and Public Health masters Australia and New Zealand

As societies continue to grow and develop, the need for higher standards of public health will remain constant. A Public Health masters Australia is worth considering, given its vast scope globally and majorly in Australia.  A course from the top universities in Australia could be an easy way to land an in Australia job.

Public health is a versatile and flexible field of study with immense monetary potential and a wide range of career pathways. This article gives a detailed overview of the Public Health career for clinicians.

Wide scope to study in Australia and New Zealand

Public Health study in Australia goes beyond the knowledge of medicine. In other words, it is not the health of an individual alone that matters; public health professionals aim to protect and improve the health of communities at large

Growing opportunities in New Zealand and in Australia jobs

According to SEEK research, the healthcare, and medical industry is among the fastest-growing in Australia, job opportunities growing by 11.1%. For instance, Australia and New Zealand currently have 2770 job openings available for positions in Public Health Masters graduates on LinkedIn. Meanwhile, Indeed Australia and New Zealand have a similar count of 2054 available jobs. This shows that there ample opportunities for Public Health professionals to choose from. 

According to the Australian Jobs 2019 report, healthcare in Australia jobs is expected to grow by 14.9% in the five years from May 2018-2023. The sector has grown 21.4% since 2013. Therefore, this sector will employ 1.75 million people by 2022.

Salary and lifestyle after public health masters Australia and New Zealand

With the highest minimum wage in the world, the average salary of a public health professional in Australia is around 60,000 AUD. According to, professionals with a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Australia can expect to earn an average salary of 78,202 AUD. Similarly, the average salary in New Zealand is 64,366 NZD

Career Growth in Australia jobs and New Zealand jobs

With living expenses around 2853 AUD per month for an individual, there is immense scope for savings. A family of four in Australia will spend about 5378 AUD per month. Likewise, New Zealand has similar living expenses of 900 NZD per month for an individual and 7000 NZD per month for a family. Australia and New Zealand also offer high quality infrastructural facilities. In addition, a better lifestyle, living standards, and above all a clean and safe place for future generations as well. 

Job titles for those with qualifications in public health include Health Informatics Specialist, Healthcare Administrator, Epidemiologist, Public Health Project Manager, Public Health Educator, and Public Health Consultant.

Overview of Public Health Masters - Australia and New Zealand

Targeting a public health career in Australia or New Zealand? It would be best to pursue an MPH from the same country. In addition, having a background in medicine could give you an added advantage. The top universities in Australia and New Zealand offer public health masters. Australia and New Zealand universities also offer scholarships to aid students to study in Australia and New Zealand. Some universities like Deakin university of Australia, University of Australia Melbourne, the University of Wollongong offer the discipline of public health. 

The courses are full-time, and the average duration to study in Australia is one-and-a-half to two years. To get into any of the top courses in the top universities of Australia and New Zealand, you need a very good score in your English language proficiency exam. In addition, you need good scores on GRE/GMAT and good quality admission essays/SOPs/interviews.

Other admission information

The national average cost for Public Health masters Australia ranges from 20,000 AUD to 60,000 AUD. This cost can be recovered easily within two years if one works diligently. The course fee in New Zealand averages to 30,000 NZD to 50,000 NZD.

You must understand that early applications yield better results. Going abroad and starting a new life in a foreign culture is difficult but Australia and New Zealand’s vast Indian diaspora — the Indian-born population is expected to overtake the Chinese-born population by 2031, reaching 1.4 million — helps make you feel at home. So go ahead and embark upon a career in public health in Australia or New Zealand.


Public health professionals are critical influencers in the shaping of public health policy since their vision encompasses not just the medical view but also the social, economic, and environmental factors that affect the health of the population.

In a way, public health professionals have a window open to most aspects of our lives, so that they are better informed while strategizing policy to enhance overall health outcomes. This makes public health masters Australia and New Zealand worth all the effort and finances.

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