Career shift to India Public Health Jobs

India is a vast and complex country, and it is this vastness and complexity that presents tremendous opportunities for anyone. India public health jobs are for ones looking for a shift towards non-clinical options. There is no dearth of health-related issues in this country – from communicable to non-communicable diseases, to health problems related to natural disasters and calamities.

And thus, the system increasingly requires competent people to play critical roles in the public health sector. The Working Group at the national consultation recognized two broad areas in which India public health jobs are categorized. These are academia and research-based roles and non-academic roles, related to service delivery/program implementation or monitoring and evaluation. At present public health professionals are working with many organizations. These include national and international NGOs, private hospitals, donor agencies, government agencies, research, and consulting organizations. The best Indian medical colleges provide master public health courses which could open doors to non-clinical careers. Public Health main article with detailed explanation is provided in this article.

India Public health jobs provide an exciting career opportunity

Currently, in India, there are about 25,000 job opportunities across the top job portals. LinkedIn is throwing up about 665 opportunities. Whereas,, and Glassdoor are showing around 5,200, 18,400, and 550 jobs, respectively. This shows that the popularity of this profession is consistently growing. Remuneration varies depending on the organization or position one is working for. The package of a private hospital will be very different from the package that of an NGO.

However, one could confidently say that with a starting package of INR 4.8 LPA, it can easily go up to INR 9 LPA with 4-5 years of experience. Young graduates from the best Indian medical colleges can even expect a higher start. Health policy and management, disease prevention and control, health promotion, occupational/environmental health, reproductive health, oral health, population health sciences, entomology, public health nutrition, global health, health insurance and finance, pharmaceuticals, and clinical research are some of the lucrative areas to undertake the career. 

Master public health courses in India 

Competent people from any academic background, such as an economist, a doctor, a nurse, a finance professional, or a media and communication professional, could enter this profession. However, a Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH) is the most appropriate educational credential for this field. There are many different degree programs provided for those interested in studying public health, such as Master of Public Health, Master of Health Administration, Master of Health Services Administration, and Master of Science in Public Health.

Public health courses now at your doorstep

With public health soon emerging as one of the most popular career options among various best Indian medical colleges in India are offering a 2-year master public health program with an average fee of INR  2,00,000. The Public Health Foundation of India has also introduced online courses with an average fee of INR 23,400. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the form and get yourself enrolled in one of the most exciting courses.

Public health as a fulfilling career option

Want to be of some help to society and at the same time earn a living? Then Public Health is the field for you! With 25,000 job opportunities across the top job portals, Public Health is fast emerging as one of the most popular career options after master public health degree. From NGOs to private hospitals, all are queuing up for public health professionals. So do not waste time and ride with the tide. 


 Public health is a wide and varied field and the profession promises a fulfilling career, where one is not just clocking in the hours to receive a salary at the end of the month but is making a difference in society. If one has the vision to work for the greater good of society, along with the willingness to work diligently in a competent and challenging environment, then India public health jobs are for you!

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