Consulting for Healthcare Career in South Africa

Doctors are making the switch to non-clinical careers at a higher rate now more than ever with consulting for healthcare. One of the underrated career options for a clinician is Management Consulting. Read the detailed article about this non-clinical career here. As a recent graduate in medicine, being a Management Consultant may be the last thing on your mind. This article can help you understand why this career path may be the right one for you.

Management Consulting professionals work for many clients, including healthcare organizations. Their main area of focus is to identify weak points within the organization and provide feasible solutionsAs a doctor, you have a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry than an average consultant. With the skills acquired from your clinical practice and an MBA from South Africa, you become the ideal candidate for a Management Consulting job.

Why Consulting for healthcare in South Africa?

When pursuing the idea of where to build your foundation in Management Consulting, South Africa should be one of the top contenders. Excellent MBA from South Africa is offered by various universities. Moreover, these are comparable to any good university from a mainstream country like the USA, Canada, or the UK. Some institutes also offer specialized courses for Management Consulting. The main advantage of choosing South Africa over these countries is receiving quality education at only half the tuition fee. South Africa’s cost of living, scholarships and financial aid also work to an advantage. 

As a Management Consultant with a medical background, you will be able to specialize in Consulting for healthcare. Healthcare consultants are in high demand by the top consulting firms. For instance, some of the top Management Consulting firms in South Africa are Westech, MAC Consulting, Letsema, andnternational organizations like PwC and Deloitte are also located in South Africa and currently have job openings for Management Consultants.In South Africa alone, there are more than 1,300 jobs available through LinkedIn in consulting for healthcare as of June 2021. On the other hand, Indeed South Africa has listed over 1,800 jobs in Management Consulting. An MBA from South Africa makes it easier to explore opportunities.

Job Titles in Consulting for Healthcare

Management Consultants may take up different job titles, depending upon responsibilities, company, and location. Consulting for Healthcare, although a specialization in itself, also has different positions like:

  •       Healthcare Consultant
  •       Healthcare Management Consultant
  •       Consultant for Federal Health
  •       Healthcare Sales Consultant
  •       Healthcare Market Research Consultant

Pursue MBA from South Africa

Healthcare Consulting professionals in South Africa are paid an average of around 37,300 USD per annum. In addition, with experience, that value rises to around 63,600 USD per annum. There is a rise of 26% in salary within 5 years and an astonishing 115% rise with over 10 years of experience. Reports of management consultant salaries on PayScale indicate that many employees receive bonuses and commissions. Management Consultants have consistently received competitive salaries due to their ability to maintain and nurture professional relationships. This highly rewarding factor can atone to the high job satisfaction rate. South Africa has the additional benefit of being famous for its relaxed work culture.

South Africa cost of living and other benefits

The low living cost, combined with the high earnings as a Management Consultant, makes South Africa one of the ideal places to live comfortably. A Cost of Living South Africa Survey conducted in 2019 reports that the rent in South Africa is 62.78% lower than in London. While the consumer prices are 47.05% lower. And this is in major cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg! South Africa’s cost of living is an average of 684 USD to 2398 USD. With a career in Consulting for healthcare, it is possible to have large savings.

Some of the other benefits of moving to South Africa are its weather, lifestyle, competent healthcare, and friendly people. Furthermore, there is a large population of Indians living in South Africa which makes the move easier.As English is one of the official languages in South Africa, there is no need to learn a new language from scratch. It is also considerably easy to apply for a permanent residence in South Africa. 


As you have received a clearer idea about Management Consulting in South Africa, it is easier to narrow down your choices and pursue MBA from South Africa. Clinicians are ideal candidates for this career because the profile of a Management Consultant closely matches that of a doctor. The ability to work under pressure and excellent communication skills is just the tip of the iceberg.

A non-clinical career can bring more satisfaction with less stress. This is one of the main reasons why Indian doctors are choosing a non-clinical profession over a clinical specialization. We strive to provide guidance on consulting for healthcare and making the switch to non-clinical careers and coach you through the process from start to finish. 

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