Course in Clinical Research Foster Growth Opportunities in India

Based on the article on clinical research, it’s fair to say that the healthcare sector is that of a promising one with bright salary prospects for its aspirants. India has evolved with the various course in clinical research in the past few years and is going to become a major hub for career growth one day. 

Clinical Research, an Ever-Growing Industry 

This billion-dollar industry is witnessing a high demand for qualified professionals, which is why there is a massive need for clinical research coordinators and other clinical research roles in this fast-growing field

A course in clinical research makes for interesting career options with great scope for professional growth. One can pursue an Msc in clinical research and look forward to opportunities to unfold. Do you have an inherent love for research and analysis? A career in clinical research in India is just the one for you. Hence, let’s look at a career in the same country we call home.

India is a hub for courses in clinical research. India’s health care system has been showing very progressive results. It has also grown up to 25% in the last several years and is estimated to be growing at about 15% every year since 2010. This can be explained by India being the second-largest Pharmaceutical hub in Asia. 

A 10% rise in career enhancement in clinical research is anticipated in the coming years. It has a good career progression with a starting salary of around INR 6 lakh. Moreover, with an average living expense of just 20K to 25K INR (individual) per month, savings is also secured.

An internet search for clinical research jobs in India leads to 13,000+ jobs on multiple platforms like Linkedin, Naukri, Glassdoor, etc. 

Course in clinical research in Indian institutions 

There are three levels of study in clinical research, at present. Firstly, a Diploma in Clinical Research (1-2 years for a full-time course). Secondly, a Bachelor’s degree. And lastly, a Master’s degree in clinical research. The candidate should have a minimum of 55% score in their graduation. Also, the graduate should preferably be from MBBs or BDS or any other relevant subject.

One can pursue an MSc in clinical research to get specialized in the field. Some of the universities also conduct entrance tests and admit students based on their performance in these tests. In addition, a previously good academic background also helps. 

The Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Research course is offered in a very limited number of colleges in India. Therefore the cost of the course can be anywhere between Rs 3.5 lacs to Rs 7 lacs in India.

Roles of a Research associate 

A clinical research associate can take up different job roles at different levels after pursuing a course in clinical research. Novice professionals start their careers as clinical research administrators and move on to clinical research associates. The clinical research coordinators are also known as the clinical trial managers. They work under the Principal Investigator to manage, design and run the clinical trial.

Many foreign companies have based their research in India owing to its large heterogeneous patient pool; rapidly transforming healthcare market, highly educated physicians, and cost competitiveness propel the market growth – making India an ideal country for a career in clinical research.

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