Drive Innovation In Health Care Through Non Clinical Careers

Bored of Clinical Practice? As a doctor, is the repetitive cycle of identifying patterns, making diagnoses, and prescribing treatment in clinical care, boring you? Routine jobs with minimal potential for innovation do have these side effects.  If you are a person who craves to bring some innovation in health care, then you must have made some suggestions to your seniors or management.

How many of your alternatives were considered by the management or seniors? But high chance is that the newer ways were most often turned down. This is due to the nature of the profession, which is very cautious with lives are at stake. Increasing influence of administration, software usage and population medicine are making clinical practice more restrictive and monotonous. 

If you feel the same way, then it is time you considered a transition. Transition from from clinical career to a non-clinical profession, so that you can follow your passion.  Innovation is not just welcome but expected in most of these professions.  There exists a plethora of career options and courses to enter these professions. You could explore these options after MBBS, or  other medical degree, which could drive your professional fulfilment and satiate your quest for innovation in healthcare.

Most non – clinical options have been existing for some time, but getting exponential attention in recent years. Graduating from the best Indian medical colleges, most of you can surely relate to the innovation potential in clinical research. However, there is a lot more to explore for innovation in healthcare.

Innovation in health care is about better outcomes, convenience, access, and simplicity; but for less cost, time, and a feasible way. These innovations can more or less enable breakthrough performance. Best Indian medical colleges produce students capable of critical thinking and zeal to develop newer ways to do things.

Notable career options with the potential for innovation

Med Informatics – A broad area related to the interaction of Information technology and health care. Expertise in clinical backgrounds and understanding of the basics of technology development for the same are the key to developing successful algorithms. Artificial Intelligence has perhaps the highest innovation index within this field. 

Biomedical Engineering – Developing products that improve prevention, diagnosis, or treatment around disease conditions. Understanding a problem, product conceptualization and  design are few areas that have a direct relationship to clinical training and experience which could lead to innovation in health care.

Management Consulting – One of the most rewarding careers with an MBA course after MBBS, involves advising top leadership for solutions to their problems. Exposure to top leadership, learning from the top minds and working on unique organizational problems. This progression is one of the most popular and highly sought-after non-clinical career options popular among doctors in North America.

Public Health – With the world becoming a global village, local health care problems also need global action. The COVID 19 pandemic demonstrated this very clearly. New problems and new ways of solving them have brought the field of Public Health into the spotlight. Innovation in health care might get driven through a public health focus more and more. 

The list of potential career options with high potential for innovation in health care is long. The idea here is to bring to your attention to the existence of these opportunities if you wish to explore them. Most of these careers would require you to undergo a course after MBBS for a successful career ahead. To learn more, do have a look at our other articles.

The growing importance of innovation in health care

In recent times, clinical research has been in the limelight for innovation and its impact in pandemic times. There is an urgent need to incorporate career counselling for all doctors graduating from the best Indian medical colleges. We need better clinical practices, equipment, fast treatments, medicines and of course vaccines. All of this comes out of innovation in the medical sector. 

Everyone needs to find professional fulfilment and if you are seeking more excitement in your professional life, non-clinical careers should be on your priority exploration. Your choice to follow your passion could result in better health care for hundreds of thousands, around the world.

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