Hospital Administration Career Opportunities in South Africa

A master’s degree in Hospital Administration is a course that needs no introduction. It has always been a coveted program for healthcare providers who desire to step out of the clinical setting and enter the management scene or are wondering after MBBS which course to pursue. Hospital Administration career is detailed in this article. The healthcare industry is currently one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, which is in large part due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. South Africa study opportunities for Hospital Administration have advanced tremendously over the years.

The world is in great need of healthcare providers, but more importantly, Healthcare Administrators that can manage the current crises we experience in hospitals. Therefore, the role of a Hospital Administrator is to oversee the daily activities of a healthcare centre. These administrators are also accountable for the budget decisions, staff management, and supervision of the quality of patient care provided. Graduating with a degree in Hospital Administration can fast-track your career in the healthcare setting. You will have a deep understanding of healthcare policies and programs implemented at the managerial level. In addition, you will gain a strong skill set in problem-solving and quick thinking in high-stress situations.

South Africa study in hospital administration

Still wondering after MBBS which course? In South Africa, study a degree in hospital management or an MBA along with a specialization in hospital management. The universities are either public or privately owned.South Africa is one of the developing countries that have taken strong steps to authorize healthcare policies over time. It aims to provide good quality health services to all citizens and residents, irrespective of their economic background. In addition, they also strive to provide exceptional education in the field of hospital administration.

Students who wish to study in the field of Hospital Administration will require an average of 3 to 5 years of experience in the relevant field before applying to universities. South Africa study requires students with a strong medical background have a competitive edge in the application process.There are many notable Indian alumni from every top university in South Africa, as the country houses the largest population of Indians in Africa. 

A graduate of Hospital Administration is open to various job positions. For instance, hospital administrator, clinical director, vice president, chief nursing officer, health planner, medical service manager, and many more. 

South Africa Study & Work Culture

Moving to South Africa study or for a career in hospital administration also comes with some advantages like the improved standard of living, low cost of living, excellent private healthcare, and relaxed work culture. The career prospects in South Africa are quite abundant. Many job portals have listed numerous opportunities for hospital administrators. The average living cost in South Africa ranges from around 680 USD to 2,400 USD per month. 

Job Prospects of Hospital Administration

Upon graduation, you may begin your career in hospital administration with an average starting salary of around 23,500 USD per annum. The average living expenses vary from 4300 USD to 10,700 USD per annum, on average. Therefore, this could leave behind a considerable amount for future savings.

LinkedIn has about 200 job listings in South Africa alone and over 6,000 jobs worldwide. Many other sites like Indeed and CareerJet also show numerous jobs for individuals with a background in Hospital Administration.

The increment of the salary of a healthcare administrator improves with the number of years of experience gained. There is an average increase of 32% within the first two years of experience as an administrator. Subsequently, this continues as a steady increase over the next ten years, with over a 35% increase. This shows that a position of healthcare administrator can have great monetary benefits with abundant savings.

Pros and Cons to pursue career in South Africa

Now that you have an inkling about the path towards becoming a Hospital Administrator in South Africa, what are the next steps to take to reach your goal? You can weigh the pros and cons of living, studying, and working in South Africa.

The pros:

  1. Accommodation is relatively cheap compared to other big countries with a competent education
  2. Living expenses are low
  3. More savings
  4. Friendly people
  5. Pleasant weather

The cons:

  1. Less safety
  2. Limited benefits
  3. Very laid back approach towards work

Any good decision starts with a positive mindset and a goal to make it in life. In conclusion, trust yourself to make the right choice. If the hospital administration course seems like the right fit for you, please fill the form below to receive our expert advice.

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