Hospital Administration or Healthcare Administration jobs in Germany

Hospital Administration comprises all non-clinical parts of running a healthcare facility, from day-to-day activities to staffing, budgeting and financing, and long-term strategic planning to ensure performance. Healthcare administration can be described as the process of administering all parts of the business side of healthcare. Courses in Hospital Administration figure at top of the list of non-clinical options for those wondering after MBBS which course. The hospital Administration main article can be found here.

Why Hospital Administration in Europe?

Hospital Administration has changed significantly over the last century. The healthcare administration jobs in Germany are on a pedestal like never before. Medical professions in Germany include general practitioners and specialists as well as professions in biotechnology, public health, medical computer science, and nutrition. 

The Austrian healthcare system has a high density of easily accessible healthcare facilities. Austria has a high standard of compulsory state-funded healthcare. Private healthcare is also available in the country. 

Austrian business culture has a well-defined and strictly observed hierarchy, with clear responsibilities and distinctions between roles and departments. Whereas, Poland has several legal measures protecting workers. All companies have to adhere to government regulations in the areas of health and safety, discrimination, minimum wage levels, part-time employment, and equal opportunities.

Healthcare Administration courses in Germany

Germany is popular for its engineering and medicine-related programs making its position along with some of the top universities across the world. The tuition fees of these universities range from 4000 USD  to 42,000 USD. There are various free courses and scholarships available for international students to provide them financial support for their Higher education.

Universities that offer this course include Bocconi University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, frankfurt school of finance and management, James Lind Institute, Maastricht University, and others in Europe offering this course.

After MBBS which course? Consider Hospital Administration 

Germany has an unemployment rate as low as 2.3% which is the lowest in Europe. Also, there has been a continuous increment in salary in the Healthcare sector. Thus, making it an ideal place to work post your education. The salary ranges from 1,200 EUR to 21,500 EUR monthly.

There are more than 6,000 Hospital or Healthcare administration jobs in Germany and other European countries. They are available over various online job portals like LinkedIn, Jooble, Glassdoor, Indeed, and many more. Hence, savings would be major and accumulate over time.

Admission requirements for Hospital Administration

Basic requirements for International students to join these universities are bachelor in science or relevant program and language proficiency in both English and Germany. Applicants required sufficient scores in TOEFL or IELTS or PTE for English English proficiency. Natives from English countries are exempted in certain cases. Some universities also demand the GMAT. To know more about these universities you can reach out to alumni for help. A good number of Indian alums have studied in Germany and are pursuing their dream jobs in the country.

Studying in Germany is considerably cheaper than in other countries, thus making it an ideal destination for international students. An individual will require to spend approximately 600 EUR before arriving in Germany, for a language test and visa. The average cost of living in Germany is 800 EUR. Students require an average of 300 EUR for rent and 200 EUR for food.

We can confidently conclude that you can receive your tuition fee back in full over the next 3-4 years based on the details above. In healthcare administration jobs in Germany, earnings in your future working life may be considered a huge return on your money and time commitment.


The demand for qualified Healthcare practitioners is rapidly rising, and a Masters’ degree in Hospital Administration from Germany will increase your chances of securing a high-paying job in the healthcare and sciences fields. Still confused after MBBS which course? All you need to do is do some in-depth research and take that one risk because, in the end, it will be all worth it.

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