The increasing scope of jobs for Hospital Administration in India

“What a doctor is to a patient, a Hospital Administrator is to a medical facility”. Based on an article on Hospital Administration, it’s fair to say that the healthcare sector has great scope of jobs for Hospital Administration with bright salary prospects for its aspirants. Hence, let’s look at a career in the same in a region that’s more close to our hearts. Let us explore the Hospital Management course in India. The main article discussing Hospital Administration can be found here.

India’s health care system has been showing very progressive results. It grew up to 25% in the last several years. Furthermore, it is estimated to be growing at about 15% every year since 2010. It’s a credible answer to ‘after MBBS which course?’. An internet search for health administration jobs in India leads to 20,000+ jobs on multiple platforms like Linkedin, Naukri, Glassdoor, etc.

Salary in jobs for Hospital Administration

Let us look at this career option from a financial point of view in India. The starting salary after completing a master’s degree could range from 7-12 lacs per annum. Moreover, 5 to 10 years down the lane with more and more experience, these numbers could go up to 15-25 lacs per annum as you work in jobs for Hospital Administration. Some Hospital Administrators earn up to even 40 lac rupees per annum.

Hospital Management course India

If you are struggling with the question ‘after MBBS which course?’, you can look for degrees offering master’s in Hospital Administration with a great job outlook, offered by multiple governments as well as private institutions. It is usually a 2-year program. There are no such specific requirements for these courses, although some universities may conduct entrance exams and group discussions. However, the recommended marks in MBBS to pursue a career in Hospital Administration is above 50%.

The fees structure of said program varies from INR 3,000 to INR 6,00,000 depending upon the university, with an equally promising ROI when one starts working.

Positive outlook for jobs in Hospital Administration in the future

Since India has a promising developing healthcare system, there are multitudinous jobs for Hospital Administration to look forward to as a vast number of recruiters (i.e, hospitals, clinics, healthcare organizations, rehabilitation centres, etc.) look for health care administrators every year – making it an even more ideal place to practice.

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