Jobs in Biomedical Engineering in Australia and New Zealand

If solving clinical problems in medical sciences interests you, then the jobs in biomedical engineering are inviting you. This article gives a detailed description of Biomedical Engineering careers. Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principles in biomedical sciences to develop medical devices, systems, and equipment, to provide better healthcare solutions. 

Overview of Biomedical Engineering

Also known as Biomedical Engineering, is a multidisciplinary field that pairs STEM know-how with biology to design revolutionary medical care concepts. In recent years, biomedical engineers have created several path-breaking innovations to aid in the healthcare process. These include surgical robots, advanced prosthetics, artificial organs, and so on. 

Considering the increasing number of use-case scenarios being generated by wearable biomedical devices, digital health, mobile health, etc., the healthcare sector is set to witness doctors function as engineers shortly. In addition, two of the best places to study Biomedical Engineering are in Australia and New Zealand. The top universities of Australia and New Zealand are home to some of the most advanced biomedical engineering courses.

Jobs in Biomedical Engineering Leaving a Huge Impact

Blended understanding as a mix of medical science and engineering science will then become the path forward. This is especially useful for doctors who are looking to expand their career growth and make a real impact on the ground. This is because bioengineering teaches physicians for a dual purpose. It is to not just diagnose a medical problem, but also to develop a creative solution using engineering principles. Therefore, jobs in biomedical engineering demand knowledge in both biology and technology.

Biomedical engineering is an emerging field in India and is still gaining traction in the Indian healthcare sector. However, it has witnessed steady growth in Australia and New Zealand for study in this field. There are many students enrolling in these universities. This surge in demand for biomedical engineering can be attributed to the increased demand for qualified personnel by companies, such as Cochlear and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, and many others, which design devices and systems for improving healthcare services. 

Courses in Biomedical engineering in top Universities of Australia

Those interested in building a career in biomedical engineering can apply for a Post-graduate Diploma or Master’s program in engineering. The duration of these courses can range between 1 to 3 years in top universities of Australia, depending on the type of program. The tuition fee for these courses can vary from 30,000 USD to 70,000 USD, depending on the duration and type of course. Most universities reserve a strong preference for students with a high score in subjects, such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

Increasing jobs in Biomedical Engineering

There are ample job opportunities in biomedical engineering, especially in Australia and New Zealand. With a single search, a professional can find 52 jobs on LinkedIn; 134 on Career Jet; 691 jobs on; and 43 on Indeed.

Biomedical Engineering Australia salary:

The initial biomedical engineer Australia salary is generally around 72,880 USD in Australia and 85,061 USD in New Zealand. Living expenses in Australia average around 12,000 USD/year for an individual and 43,000 USD/ year for a family This is similar to the standard of living in New Zealand for study or job opportunities. Both Australia and New Zealand offer superb opportunities for career growth, paired with a quality life. 

Before choosing Biomedical Engineering as a career option, it is important to consider one’s personality traits as well. If you feel you have an analytical bent of mind with a keen eye for detail and an aptitude for solving problems, along with a good understanding of STEM disciplines, then jobs in biomedical engineering are indeed the choice for you. The demand for bioengineers will only see an upswing in the coming years. 

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