Master Public Health After Medicine For South Africa Jobs

Public health is a field that allows improvement in quality of life by preventing and treating diseases.  An overview of Public Health careers can be found here. Public Health professionals go on to become community workers, health policy managers, and biostatisticians.So, what is a biostatistician? A master public health professional or Biostatistician analyzes any health hazard to the population. Additionally, they make efforts to prevent it by promoting a standard of health in the population. The demand for public health professionals has increased all over the world with the ongoing pandemic. Similarly, public health may have numerous new South Africa jobs.

Public health medicine has existed in South Africa for 40 years, creating professionals and healthcare workers to guide and promote a standard of health in the population. 

Why graduate from Master Public Health in South Africa?

South Africa job market provides large opportunities in public health. It covers many different fields like epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, behavioural health, community health, managing health services, etc. 

Public health organizations are found across South Africa. It provides more opportunities to medical professionals to explore and work in this zone. The requirement for public health professionals consequently increases. This is due to the high rates of infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in the country. This requires organizations for health promotions, prevention, and management. 

Master public health overview

Both master public health and diploma programs are available in top universities full time or part-time, maximum of 4 years with an average fee of 3,000 – 5,000 USD. The courses are available on-campus and online. In addition, these courses will open job opportunities not just in the healthcare sector but in other zones as well.  

South Africa Job opportunities in Public Health

South Africa has opportunities for public health professionals in various sectors like research, community, management, etc.For instance, one search of public health professionals will provide you with close to 560 job opportunities on LinkedIn, 250 on Glassdoor and around 400 on CareerJet. 

To become a public health professional it is necessary to attain a master’s degree in public health. A salary of 40,500 USD is also tempting with a rise of 30% after a few years. In addition, the living expenses of about 680 USD to 2,400 USD (without rent) will save you a lot of money. 

South Africa Job Environment and Lifestyle

South Africa is a beautiful country with diverse culture with different climate zones, adventures, and natural spots and not to forget the famous safari, giving you plenty of options to spend your holidays. It also has a relaxed work culture. South Africa, often known as the gateway to Africa, especially Ghana, allows and attracts people from all around the world into African culture which in turn will increase the scope of public health in the future.  Expatriates are received well in the country and find it a comfortable place to settle in with high standards of living at a very low cost.


To conclude, consider studying and making your profession in this beautiful country with great opportunities which offer you growth in your career along with a quality life with your family. Take this first step towards a South Africa job and opt for master public health.

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