Get Master Public Health to tap booming MPH Job Sector

As discussed in the article on Public Health, there is something intensely fulfilling about taking a broad view of society to improve wellbeing and prevent illness on a large scale by pursuing master Public Health courses. You’ll find that these professionals also work to prevent health conditions by implementing educational programs, creating policies, providing services, regulating health systems, and performing rigorous research. The career path for clinicians in Public Health is described in detail in this article.

What can you become with a Master Public Health degree?

A master public health professional analyzes any health hazard to the population. They also make efforts to prevent it by promoting a standard of health in the population. Public Health professionals go on to become community workers, health policy managers, and biostatisticians.

According to NHS Health Careers, Europe is a lucrative region for MPH job professionals engaged in three main areas of Public Health:

  • Health protection
  • Health improvement and
  • Healthcare Public Health

How to acquire a master Public Health degree from Europe?

Graduates in Master Public Health can work as researchers, administrators, and also as policy enforcers. An MPH job requires a masters degree in Public Health. This is following an undergraduate degree in a health-related subject.

Tuition fees for full-time for 2-3 year courses tend to be between €500 (Germany) and30,000 (Sweden). To get into any of the top courses in European universities, a good GPA in your bachelor’s is highly recommended, along with GRE/GMAT and superior admission essays/SOPs/interviews. Furthermore, one needs to have a good score on an English proficiency language exam, or on a specific language requirement, especially in Germany where courses are taught in both German and English. 

Some of the prestigious institutions offering this course are:

  • Heidelberg University,
  • James Lind Institute,
  • Tampere University,
  • University College Cork,
  • The University of Copenhagen,
  • The University of Gothenburg,
  • University of Iceland,
  • The University of Vienna.

Explore MPH job sector of Europe 

An internet search on ‘Public Health’ in Europe or more specifically – health administration and community health, health education, policy, environmental health, biostatistics, epidemiology results in around 10,000 jobs on LinkedIn, as of April 2021.

Graduates with a Master Public Health degree in Europe can get a job in the healthcare industry and can earn an average salary of 64,000 EUR per annum. Furthermore, there is an increase of 5-11% in salaries with ten years of experience. Moreover, there are added benefits of professional and ethical working conditions, better work-life balance, security benefits, a significant Indian diaspora, and ease of access to global destinations add more charm to working in Europe.

MPH Jobs are widely available in local authorities and the government. Moreover, jobs are available in private healthcare companies, charities, and higher education/research. This is after you have completed your master Public Health degree. Living expenses can also be offset easily with a Public Health career.

Living in Europe

European countries have a robust scientific culture and congenial working conditions. They also boast good work-life balance, modern infrastructure, lesser bureaucracy, and adequate employee protection benefits. Their universal healthcare system, good climate, improved law and order, beautiful landscapes, multiculturalism, a sizable Indian diaspora, and easy access to international destinations made working in the European countries even more appealing for the computational biologist. In conclusion, with a booming healthcare industry and an equally attractive ROI, the prospect of an MPH job career in Europe looks extremely promising.

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