Scope of Consulting for Healthcare; Explore MBA from Singapore among other Southeast Asian countries

Healthcare consulting is the process of sharing expertise, giving advice, and guiding healthcare organizations to make business decisions that promote growth and benefit their customers and patients. There are many options for pursuing MBA from Singapore, Japan, South Korea among others. Consulting for Healthcare career is discussed in detail here.

Healthcare consultants are experts in the industry — they have the necessary education and background on healthcare laws, regulations, and policies to effectively help medical organizations and hospitals run their businesses efficiently and effectively. Consulting for healthcare is regarded as a renowned profession.

Why pursue MBA from Southeast Asian countries?

The Southeast Asian region is one of the fastest-growing consulting sectors in the world, having added around $10 billion in fee income in the space of just four years. Japan, Singapore, and South Korea remain Asia’s largest consulting for healthcare markets, while China, India, and Australia are the main drivers of volume growth. 

Talking about Hong Kong, it is a leading management consulting centre in the region. Its status as one of the world’s leading business centres has attracted the most internationally renowned consulting firms to establish a presence in Hong Kong. The ones inclined towards consulting can opt for an MBA after mbbs or any other medical degree. 

Pursuing MBA from Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea among others

To ensure your bachelor’s degree is relevant for your desired position in healthcare consulting, choose a field of study related to the industry such as public health, business, or even nursing. So, pursuing MBA after MBBS is not the only option. Since healthcare is a complex industry, this will provide you with the necessary background you need to effectively assist your clients and meet their needs. An advanced degree will make you more desirable among employers and clients and allow you to land positions with higher salaries and greater responsibilities.

We have only used the knowledge for courses like MBA from Singapore that use English as a medium of instruction for the sake of our Indian audience. And we can safely claim that you can end up earning your tuition fees back in 5-6 years. Earnings in your future working life may be considered a huge return on your money and time commitment.

Job Prospects in Consulting for Healthcare

Typical starting career salaries in Management Consulting, in the above countries, range from entry-level, after 5 years, and after 15 years. The living expenses of each country is also provided below.

Salary chart after MBA from Singapore and other countries in East Asia

As the above table shows, savings will be significant and compound over the years. Analysts also point to significant potential for salaries to rise, relative to other professions. Analysts in Singapore are likely to observe a salary increase of approximately 13% every 16 months. Except for Japan, most of these countries have also had some of the fastest-growing economies. On a personal level, public schools, public transportation, and low crime rates make a strong case. A strong case on financials can be made from MBA after MBBS and a career in consulting for healthcare.

Work and Lifestyle in Southeast Asian countries

The average living expenses come around $500 per month, which can be covered by various part-time job opportunities available while doing the course. Except for Singapore, the other Southeast Asian countries are known for their low living cost. This factor, combined with adequate savings, can lead to substantial financial savings.

Since the lifestyle and weather conditions are very similar in Southeast Asian countries, it makes it easier to adapt and adjust. After listing out perks, we would like to bring to notice that the work culture in some of these countries, especially in Japan and Korea, is very intense, and calls should be made considering that.


In the end, it’s you who needs to take the first step. Pursuing MBA from Singapore, Japan, South Korea have their own benefits added with challenges and there are several opportunities in these areas that could give out a bright future.

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