Public Health Institutes offering MPH for job in the USA

Public Health institutes making quality professionals are the invisible backbone of all healthcare systems. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it became  abundantly clear just how essential they are. Public Health workers are employed in all sectors of the healthcare industry, especially at a federal level in the USA. Master’s in the discipline from the top universities in USA makes it easy to land a job in the USA. To become a Public Health professional it is advantageous to have a medical background. An overview of the Public Health profession is provided here.

Why Doctors choose Public Health Job in the USA

A study conducted across various countries yielded a result of nearly half of the Master of Public Health (MPH) from Public Health institutes graduates being physicians. Public Health opens up a vast number of opportunities for doctors due to the varying degree of specializations available in the top universities in USA. This creates many roles and responsibilities for a public health professional. It may range anywhere from collecting and analyzing data to providing awareness to children, mothers, or the elderly. Public Health was instituted in the United States back in 1866. Since then, it has come a long way. 

You will be able to transfer your skills as a clinician into this profession. As a primary care provider, you are attuned to the needs of the clinicians and patients alike. This will become useful when working at a higher level of the healthcare organization as a Public Health professional. You are capable of providing an experienced opinion when dealing with hospital rules and regulations.

Study in the top Public Health Institutes in the USA

The route to becoming a Public Health professional is fairly simple. A clinician interested in pursuing a career in Public Health must graduate with a Master’s in Public Health. The United States is home to some of the top Public Health schools in the world. Relevant experience in the healthcare profession and a high GPA in the medical degree can earn any clinician a spot at one of the top schools.

Opportunities of Public Health job in the USA

The United States is the largest employer of Public Health professionals. While there are close to 103,000 available jobs on LinkedIn for Public Health worldwide, 70,403 of them are located in the United States. Their well-established healthcare system and advanced pharmaceutical industries give rise to increasing employment for Public Health professionals. 

There is a 16% growth rate predicted for public health professions which is in part due to the current pandemic. Some of the most frequent job openings listed online are Public Health Officer, Medical Service Manager, Public Health Analyst, Biostatistician, Infection Control Practitioner, and Healthcare Administrator.

Benefits and Prospects of Public Health Job in the USA

The work of a Public Health professional is highly demanding and challenging. Thus, the pay is competitive. A recent MPH graduate earns close to 50,000 USD per annum without any prior medical background or experience in job in the USA. Meanwhile, a physician with an MPH degree can easily earn up to 100,000 USD based on the experience and type of employer, which is well above the average income.

Monetary benefits are on par with the physical and mental benefits of a Public Health career. Work-life balance is one of the main advantages of this profession. It is a refreshing change of scenery from the daily struggles as a clinician. Public Health jobs also offer shorter working hours and holidays.

Lifestyle and Work Environment in USA

The living expenses of an individual can average up to 930 USD per month excluding rent. Whereas a family spends close to 3,300 USD per month in the US. These numbers are slightly higher in bigger cities. The average savings of a single person in the United States totalled to 900 USD and that of a family totalled to 4,000 USD. These figures are based on an average income. With the pay scale of a Public Health profession, one can save immensely. 

There is a long list of Public Health professionals of Indian origin that have flourished in the United States graduating from the top universities in. Some of the well-known Indian figures in Public Health are academicians at prestigious Public Health insitutes, whereas others are healthcare industrial giants. All of them have one thing in common. It is their passion for innovation and change. That should be the driving force of any clinician looking to pursue a career in Public Health.


If practising medicine alone is not satisfying, and you aim to bring more to the table, a career in public Health is the right choice. This profession is solely focused on the health of the community by constantly improving the way healthcare is delivered by public Health institutes. It is a sound choice of career in this current scenario and it boasts demand for jobs in the USA. 

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