The Future of Bioinformatics jobs in UK

Bioinformatics is a hybrid field where information technology is applied to biological concepts and data to yield effective and faster results. It helps to make work easier in the field of biology with the help of advancements in technology. The fields of bioinformatics and computational biology have grown in importance as drivers of research in the life sciences as evidenced by the increasing number of journals and international conferences dedicated to these fields. Therefore, Bioinformatics jobs in UK & training programs like MSc Bioinformatics in UK are growing rapidly to fill in the demand. The detailed article on Bioinformatics can be found here.

The increase in Bioinformatics jobs in UK

This hybrid field is growing steadily, giving more opportunities to individuals belonging to biological sciences and computer technology fields in the UK. This field is also accessible for medical professionals as it requires good knowledge of biological science for discoveries and inventions. It blends clinical treatments with data sciences, dealing with storing, retrieving, and analyzing vast quantities of biological data.

Various paths to take in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics jobs include: 

  • Bio-analytics, 
  • Clinical pharmacologist, 
  • Computational chemist, 
  • Database design and maintenance, 
  • Pharmacogenomics, and
  • Sequence assembly

Pursuing an MSc Bioinformatics in UK

The UK has varying jobs in Bioinformatics. Individuals are hired after completing an MSc Bioinformatics in UK with an approximate duration of 1 year at an average fee of £20,000. It is advisable to pursue the course in the country you intend to work. These courses are all part of universities, which are very professional and research-oriented. Therefore, research the university in United Kingdom ranking high for courses like Bioinformatics for a better study experience & outcome. However, some of the top-ranking institutions for Bioinformatics are the University of Manchester, Imperial College London, and the University of Leeds Beckett.

English competence, as demonstrated through IELTS or TOEFL scores, is mandatory. Application may also include essays, SOP, recommendations, and interviews. It is essential to get this right along with these some universities also demand GMAT/GRE scores.

Scope of Bioinformatics jobs in UK

The scope for Bioinformatics is advancing rapidly in the United Kingdom with 560 numbers of jobs available on LinkedIn, around 1300 on Glassdoor, and around 380 on Indeed UK. Also, the average salary of a Bioinformatics professional is estimated to be £39,000 with a hike of £50,400 in 10 years. With such a good salary, living in the United Kingdom is comfortable. United Kingdom ranking of universities also plays a role in the salary of individuals.

Living in the United Kingdom

The average living expense of an individual is reported to be £24,400 annually. The United Kingdom offers a very comfortable environment for immigrants to settle in. This place also involves diverse cultures allowing individuals to blend in easily.


So what are you waiting for? Opt for a career that offers both personal and professional security. Do not hesitate to jump the boat and land Bioinformatics jobs in UK. This field is a great choice as it is an innovative field that accepts new and innovative ideas and at the same time allows you to grow in your career. As you take the plunge to choose program of Msc Bioinformatics in UK, be sure to search for university in United Kingdom ranking. 

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