What is a Clinical Research Career and Clinical Research Jobs in Europe

What is Clinical Research? It is a sub-speciality of paramedical healthcare sciences. This is one of the booming industries with rewarding career options. The study plays a pivotal role in introducing new drugs into the mainframe pharmaceutical industry and in enhancing health statistics. In India, the scope for Clinical Research is raising its global standards to introduce new medicines and cure various illnesses. Clinical Research main article can be found here.

Have no idea what is after MBBS? Let’s explore What is a Clinical Research career.

The study of Clinical Research determines the effectiveness and the safety of medicines that are prescribed for various health problems, the safety of medical equipment, diagnostic products, etc. before they are released in the market. In short, Clinical Research is the complete reference for a drug, biological test, or medical device. A career in Clinical Research also promises lucrative jobs in the country and abroad.

What is a Clinical Research course’s admission requirements?

To get into any of the top courses, you need a very good score in TOEFL or IELTS. Good academic background also helps. Universities like Erasmus University Rotterdam, Heidelberg university, university college Dublin, University of Edinburgh offer this course. 

Beyond both, the application process is very critical. Colleges may require you to submit a statement of purpose or essays, recommendation/s, a video recording (usually impromptu). This may be daunting for some. However, getting advice from ex-students or experts in the choice of colleges and the application process is strongly advisable. 

Your first attempt at the applications should be good enough. The deadlines are firm and very close for this year. You should be able to get by on your first attempt at the applications. For this year, the deadlines are also definite and very near. Some could have already gone.

International students should aim to receive acceptance confirmation at least 45 days before the start of the academic session to complete visa requirements. Make good plans and even better execution. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Going abroad and beginning a new life in a different culture can be difficult. The majority of the institutions have several accomplished Indian alumni. Therefore, please contact them to learn more about the opportunities and challenges.

Various Clinical Research jobs in Europe

As you have an idea about what is a Clinical Research career, we can explore job opportunities in this non-clinical sector. There are various Clinical Research jobs opportunities by profession especially for people having a medical academic background. These include Principal Investigators, Co-investigators, Medical Advisor, Drug Developers, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Clinical Research Physician.

A simple search on LinkedIn using the keywords ‘clinical’ yielded 16,500 jobs, with 1,100 of them unique to Europe. In summary, Clinical Researchers are in high demand. It appears to be financially rewarding as well, with an average starting salary of 29,000 USD. Also, with an annual salary of about 49,000 USD, there appears to be strong career advancement. Savings are large in Germany, Austria, and Poland, where the average monthly living expenses are USD 17,200, USD 11,900, and USD 6,700 respectively.

What is a Clinical Research degree advantage if done in Europe?

Professionally, improved working conditions, a better work-life balance, facilities, work efficiency, less bureaucracy, and more employee security benefits could be worth considering. Additionally, working in Europe is made even more appealing by universal healthcare, a cleaner climate, improved law and order, beautiful landscapes, a multicultural environment, a sizable Indian diaspora, and easy access to global destinations. Work experience gained in Europe is now more widely recognized around the world.

One, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Science, can carve a niche in the fields related to Clinical Research. After graduation, one can explore his career in this field having subjects such as life science, medicine, bioscience, and pharmacy or get Clinical Research jobs in Europe. Bioscience students can also opt for genetics, botany, zoology, and biochemistry subjects to venture into this field.

Why choose Europe?

European countries are developed countries with their robust scientific culture, congenial working conditions, good work-life balance, modern infrastructure, lesser bureaucracy, and adequate employee protection benefits. Moreover, their universal healthcare system, good climate, improved law and order, beautiful landscapes, multiculturalism, a sizable Indian diaspora, and easy access to international destinations makes working in the European countries that much more attractive.


Now that you know what is a Clinical Research career, please take action. You may regret it a few years down the road that you passed up an opportunity that you wanted.

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