What is a Clinical Research Career For Clinicians In South Africa?

Clinical research is an upcoming field that involves experimentation for development & verification of newer treatment and diagnostic modalities. So, what is a clinical research career and what are the growth opportunities? A detailed overview of Clinical Research for clinicians is given here.  The rate of employment is booming in this industry and it has allowed the advancement of people who have appropriate skills and knowledge. Research and clinical trials have become important aspects in today’s time. As a result of new diseases, it is important to diagnose, prevent and treat them effectively to maintain health and wellbeing. Consider a South Africa visa from India as a student for tapping African opportunities.

Wondering what is after MBBS? Consider clinical research from South Africa

South Africa has many opportunities for clinical researchers as there are many private and public organizations facilitating research programs to eliminate and prevent diseases to promote health. Clinical trials cannot just be performed directly; it requires proper education, experience, and approval.Therefore, South African health products regulatory authority (SAHPRA) is responsible for the approval of research programs or trials. This authority inspects the application and then approves it. 

It is a very broad field that requires many professionals to work together to bring about results. Private or public sector organizations fund the research after it is approved.

What is a clinical research career path?

Firstly, you require a master’s degree in this field. It is available online or offline. The duration of the program varies from a few months to years of studying, depending on the program. It has an average fee of about 2,000 USD. Additionally, these programs are aimed at providing information on the process of clinical research, or clinical research writing, or trial process. The application requires submission of IELTS or TOEFL scores. In addition, the admission process requires a combination of essays, statement of purpose, recommendation letters and interviews. It is easy to obtain South Africa visa from India.

What is a clinical research career’s job prospects?

This is a growing field with around 220 job opportunities on Careerjet. Furthermore, there are 150 job opportunities on Indeed, 160 job opportunities on Glassdoor, and 90 on LinkedIn. The average salary of a clinical researcher is around 24,000 USD annually which increases to about 32,300 USD in 10 years. Research is the ideal career for innovation and experimentation. This career encourages you to push the boundaries of healthcare to provide creative and technologically advanced results. 

Why South Africa?

South Africa has diverse culture and traditions. It is welcoming to people, and provides a good lifestyle at a low cost.For instance, Living expenses in South Africa for an individual is around 680 USD to 2,400 USD per month. This allows saving and a quality lifestyle. In addition, travelling is inexpensive with a wide range of adventurous sports for an individual to explore in South Africa making life more exciting. South Africa provides and facilitates many studies for research, creating more job opportunities in the field of research. 


What is after MBBS for a clinician? This is the best option to stay within the realm of science. As you now know what is clinical research, it is easy to understand the value of pursuing this field.In conclusion, it does not only allow you to grow in your profession but helps to promote health targeting a larger population. Consider clinical research as the next, exciting step in your career.

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