Understanding what is Biomedical Engineer; Scope of Pursuing Biomedical Engineering PhD in Europe

Biomedical Engineering or Bioengineering is a multidisciplinary STEM field that combines engineering science with medical science. The area is concerned with observing, treating, and forestalling infections and various other ailments. But what is Biomedical Engineer’s role? Their focus is to create frameworks, hardware, and gadgets to take care of clinical issues—both diagnostics and therapeutics. Biomedical Engineering as a career path for clinicians is discussed in the main article here.

Is it worth doing masters in Biomedical Engineering in Germany and the rest of Europe?

A master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Goethe University Frankfurt, Tampere University, University of Bologna etc, opens exciting career prospects and job opportunities in Europe. You will find lucrative jobs as a Bioengineer, bioengineering researcher, etc. The master’s program tends to apply the procedure of joining hypothesis with training. Therefore, offering students a wide and in-depth understanding of the field.

Admission requirements for Biomedical Engineering in Europe:

Various universities in Europe offer master’s degrees in what is Bioengineering.  Most of the universities in Germany offer good quality courses at a much lower cost compared to other European countries. Seeking a master’s degree in one of these universities would require international candidates to submit language proficiency scores, bachelor’s degrees, and any other specific request of the college. It is a 1.5- to 2-years program, and anyone who wants to further study after getting a medical degree should apply for this program. 

International students just need to pay semester charges, administrative charges, and so forth, which comes to around € 100-1,650 per semester. Monthly expenses could come to around € 850, which would include food, convenience, transport, books, and mandatory medical coverage. While studying, students could work part-time (20 hours per week), through which they could earn an extra € 900 per week, to cover their expenses. Once through with the postgraduate program or P.h.D in Europe, one could earn up to €10,900 per month. In Germany, a Biomedical Engineer earns anything between €4,400 to €15,200 per month. The projected percentage change in employment between 2016 and 2026 is 7%.

What is Biomedical Engineer scope in Germany?

Germany is an innovation-driven country with outstanding logical advances. Also, a major chunk of the global brands is German. These are some of the factors that have made Germany the ideal destination for both Engineering students and young professionals.

DAAD and Deutschlandstipendium National Scholarship Programmes are the conventional scholarship providers that provide up to half of education and convenience expenses to students, basis academic records, and financial background. So, the answer to ‘is it worth doing masters in Biomedical Engineering in Germany?’ is a strong yes.

Explore the career prospects in Europe

In 2011, Bioengineering topped the career chart with the fastest-growing jobs, and in 2015, it featured among the best 11 college majors from the point of view of job prospects. Quickly climbing the steps,  Biomedical Engineering also bagged the No. 2 position in the list of Best College Majors for Lucrative Career 2016-2017.

One observes a general shift in society towards the use of technology and machine in everyday life. However, it is this shift that puts the spotlight on Biomedical Engineering. As you know what is Biomedical Engineer you will know that it is one of the best career options for students with a science background in today’s time. 


It is advisable to fill the forms as soon as possible because the deadlines are close, some are even closed for this year. So, get on your devices and internet and start with your application if you want to know more about what is Biomedical Engineer. 

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