What is Health Economist and explore UK, Ireland top colleges

Based on the article on Health Economics, if you have a unique passion for using your knowledge of healthcare by applying it to a variety of challenges in health and medicine, then a career in Health Economics in the UK is just appropriate for you – especially when the job outlook for Health Economists is excellent right now. This is due to the diverse range of opportunities for Health Economists being provided through the universal healthcare system in the UK. Ireland top colleges and university in the United Kingdom ranking offer masters programs in the subject.

What is Health Economist?

A Health Economist is crucial for dealing with the ever-present problems in most developing and well-developed countries. The main duties of a Health Economist include:

  1. Directing agendas towards effective use of resources
  2. Calculate and analyze the various costs and financial risks involved in the workings of the organization
  3. Suggest new and efficient methods of treatment
  4. Ensure that high-quality healthcare is accessible to all patients
  5. Develop methods to reduce costs
  6. Provide education or training sessions to other employees, especially doctors, in the organization about the basics of health economics

What is Health Economist scope in the UK?

With so many work environments to choose from, a Health Economist in the UK is likely to find the right area of Health Economics to apply his or her skills and training. An internet search on ‘Health Economics’ as keywords results in around 2,400 jobs in UK Indeed, 570 jobs on Linkedin, and 550 jobs on Adzuna, as of March 2021.

One of the biggest employers of Health Economists is the government. A great deal of planning and administration is required to operate a healthcare system that is estimated to grow significantly shortly, adding to why the UK is a highly ideal place for Health Economists.

Admission Requirements for University in United Kingdom Ranking High & Ireland Top Colleges for Health Economics

In the United Kingdom, at the very minimum, a Health Economist usually requires an undergraduate degree in medicine, economics, or in any other relevant field following which one can pursue their master’s in Health Economics from there itself. These 1-2 year-long master’s degrees prepare students to receive a competency-based education in health care. Universities well known for their Health Economics courses are the University of Manchester UK, and the University of Birmingham City, among others.

To get into a university in United Kingdom ranking high for Health Economics, you need a good GPA in your bachelor’s. You will also need an English proficiency language exam, GRE/GMAT, alongside a titillating admission essay/SOP. Early applications yield the best results.

The national average annual costs for most public university graduate schools offering these courses that help break into such jobs are between £10,000 to £25,000 (approx.). Overall, the amount invested could be recovered in 5 years of your working career there, with bonuses and perks extra.

What is Health Economist Job Prospects?

The average salary for a Health Economist in the UK is £34,000. The average senior Health Economist’s salary is £63,500 per year or £32.50 per hour. However, entry-level positions start at £47,540 per year while most experienced workers make up to £71,500 per year.

Working in the UK and lifestyle

It might be worthwhile to consider the added benefits of professional and ethical working conditions, better work-life balance, employee security benefits, and added recognition working in the UK entails. The annual living cost in UK is around £24,400. However, this is a feasible amount for those working in the field of Health Economics.


In conclusion, what is Health Economist and Health Economics? Health economics is an interesting non-clinical career option. It takes the essential knowledge of clinical practice and economics and merges it to create better medical professionals. But our experts can help you identify the right path. The best university in United Kingdom rankings and Ireland top colleges are at your disposal. For our expert advice on Health Economics in the UK, please fill the form below:

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