What is Health Economist and Prospects of job in the USA

Health economics is a thriving field in the United States. It is a branch of economics that focuses on the healthcare industry. So, what is Health Economist? They are responsible for the proper functioning of the entire healthcare system. However, their main role is in the costs, expenses, and financial risks, with particular emphasis on resource allocation. Underdeveloped in India, but high demand in USA jobs.

These economists are essential to the doctors, nurses, and administrative staff in evaluating health outcomes in a clinical setting. Therefore, Health Economists are an integral part of job in the USA healthcare organisations. The full article on Health Economics can be found here.

Why Should You Opt for a Job in The USA

The maturation of the branch and the role of what is a Health Economist in recent times has largely happened in the United States. It not only houses the most prestigious institutions but also provides ample opportunities for a recent graduate in the degree. You may choose to study for a master’s or doctoral degree, depending upon interest, feasibility, and availability. However, most graduates with doctoral degrees tend to become academicians or researchers. In conclusion, a Health Economist graduate with a refined knowledge of the healthcare industry has plenty of job in the USA.

What is Health Economist Roles in USA jobs

Health Economists analyze the projects proposed by the healthcare organization and provide cost-effective and efficient solutions.Some Health Economists may work on a specific product or service, while others work on the organization’s health policies. A Health Economist with a background in medicine will be the perfect candidate to analyze the problem areas of a healthcare organization. Therefore, this drives many clinicians to choose a career in health economics. In-depth knowledge of economics can provide clinicians with an unbiased treatment plan for every patient.

What is Health Economist’s options in the USA Job Market?

A Health Economist may choose to work in the private or public sector. The United States offers a large number of opportunities at various levels of the government. A quick search on different job sites reveals a significant amount of Economists needed for state governments.

Health Economists are crucial to the functioning of every healthcare organization.Therefore, there are more than 11,000 jobs available worldwide. Local job sites like Glassdoor and Indeed have listed 480 job openings within the United States. 

The top recruiters of Health Economists are Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, and Cohere Health. Universities in the United States like Johns Hopkins University, the University of California, and Stanford University also have job openings for Health Economists.

Prospects of Health Economist Job in the USA

The employment opportunities for Health Economists are expected to skyrocket by a whopping 14% within the next 10 years. Health Economists start at a junior level with an average yearly salary of 75,000 USD, which is 47% higher than the median income of an average United States worker. Within 10 years, most Health Economists occupy a senior position within an organization and earn an average of 138,000 USD per year. 

However, this salary is only an average and is higher in major cities. The yearly growth in salary is substantial. Most economists reported that they received a bonus every year along with other benefits.

Work-life balance in USA jobs

An average individual living in the United States saves close to 930 USD monthly. With the salary of a Health Economist, it is enough to live a comfortable life. In other words, Health economists have a very stable career. It is a stark contrast from the long working hours as a physician.

There are increased benefits, and the job provides a good work-life balance. This is one of the few jobs in the healthcare industry with high job satisfaction, with the highest scores being recorded in consulting and pharmaceutical sectors. The job also reports less stress than clinical practice, and more opportunities to learn new skills.

Adapting to life and working environment in USA jobs

The United States is no stranger to Indians. The Indian community is large and diverse. Some of the most renowned economists in various specializations, including healthcare, are Indians. In 2014, the IMF featured four Indian-origin economists among the top 25 global financial experts. Among them were Parag Pathak, and Amit Seru, who are both eminent academicians in the field of economics.

The United States boasts excellent living conditions and healthcare. The people are known to be hard working with a can-do attitude.It also proves to be economically stable. There is a wide range of weather types from sunshine all year in the south to colder climates in the north. The United States is also home to a large number of immigrants which offers a diverse cultural environment. These alone make the United States one of the best working environments.


The practice of medicine, while noble, is only one element of the healthcare industry. If you understand what is Health Economist & you wish to be at the forefront of bringing systemic changes in the healthcare system, go for in USA jobs. With major academic, non-profit and global think tanks, a job in the USA has the potential to impact globally.Therefore, it is only a matter of taking the first step towards a more fulfilling career.

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