What is health economist and requirements to study in Australia?

As discussed in the article on Health Economics explaining what is health economist is, we know that our societies will continue to grow and develop, and the need for higher standards of quality health policymaking will remain constant. Health economics is a versatile and flexible field of study with immense monetary potential and a wide range of career pathways and Health economists facilitate the health policymaking process. 

The prospect of a career in this field is one worth considering. There is a vast scope of medicine in Australia with top universities of Australia like the Deakin University of Australia and the University in Newcastle Australia,  welcoming international students to study in Australia. 

Understanding the scope of Health economist 

According to SEEK research, the healthcare, and medical industry is among the fastest-growing in Australia, with job opportunities increasing by 7% to 11%. 

So, what is Health economist could be a popular search term among graduates exploring beyond clinics. 

With the highest minimum wage in the world, the average salary of a health economist in Australia is around 60,000 AUD and the living expenses are around 1,400-2,500 AUD per month – revealing that there is a broad scope for savings, as naturally, students would wish to have a well-settled life in their future. In addition, there are quality infrastructural facilities, better lifestyles, living standards, less diplomacy. Above all, a clean and safe place for the future generations as well. 

An internet search for health economist jobs in Australia leads to 1000+ jobs on multiple platforms like Linkedin, Jora, Seek, Indeed, etc.

What is Health Economist course perks by studying in Australia?

If you are targeting a Health Economist career in Australia, it would be best to pursue a master’s from Australia. Moreover, having a background in medicine could give you an added advantage. The courses are full-time and have an average duration of around 1.5 to 2 years. To get into any of the top courses in top Universities of Australia, you need a very good score on your English language proficiency exam i.e., Australia IELTS score along with your scores on GRE/GMAT and quality admission essays/SOPs/interviews.

Top Universities in Australia to pursue Health Economics

The University of Queensland, University of Adelaide, and University of New South Wales among the top universities in Australia. They are also among the top universities in the world for Health Economics. They are situated in easily accessible and busy metropolis cities of Australia. The national average cost for a master’s degree for Health Economists ranges from 15,000 AUD to 60,000 AUD. However, this cost can be recovered easily within two years if one works diligently.

You must understand that early applications yield better results. Going abroad and starting a new life as Health Economist in a foreign culture with different people is difficult. However, Australia’s vast Indian diaspora helps make you feel at home – all the more a reason which adds to why a career in public health in Australia can be very fulfilling. But, the first step is attaining a good Australia IELTS score. 

The frequently asked question is whether Australia can be an ideal location for health economics. It is evident that the answer is yes. One can definitely explore what is health economist and its prospects. Are you worried about the financial risk and whether it is worth taking or not? You’ll find that Australia is the best country if you are willing to take the risk. 

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