What Is Health Economist and the Scope of Health Economics Jobs Europe?

In the tough times of this pandemic, when the world is facing an increased number of Covid positive cases and deaths every day, the healthcare management sector has emerged as our ultimate saviour. To take up a career in this sector is a wise decision. For the main article on Health Economics, click here. Now, let us dive into what is Health Economist and the wide scope offered by the Health Economics jobs Europe.

What is a Health Economist’s popularity in the current world?

Due to the worldwide lockdown, many people have lost their jobs, demoted and their salaries have decreased affecting financial conditions. The economic crisis is rising at a global level. Health Economists have been working to keep society going by providing and financing efficient health services. They also promote economic regulation in health and development and allocate sustainable and affordable resources. It may not sound very popular or high profile but it has a vital role to play for the betterment of society.

Get the answer to ‘after MBBS which course?’ through Health Economics

Health Economics studies the scarcity of resources allocated among alternative uses for the care of sickness.  Also, it deals with the promotion, maintenance, and improvement of health. Furthermore, it studies the health care and health-related services, their costs and benefits, and health itself. It is calculated based on the distribution among individuals and groups in society.

But what is Health Economists role and responsibilities? Health economists examine how a medical operation’s resources are allocated and determine the best way to deliver efficient, cost-effective services.

Pursue Health Economics courses from Europe

Europe has more than 50 universities and institutes that cater courses in Health Economics, especially master programs. Some of them are Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Bologna, University of Cologne, the University of Gothenburg, and the University of Oslo.

The course fee is quite reasonable, ranging from $2,000 in public universities and up to $20,000 in private universities. It depends upon the duration – which usually is 1- 2 years. Some of the institutes even offer free tuition fees. Scholarship provisions are also available in some schools and you can always work part-time to manage your costs and living. 

Admission requirements for Health Economist Courses Europe

It is not that easy to get into courses in Europe. You have to score very well in your English proficiency tests i.e. IELTS or TOEFL. GRE, GMAT, PTE might be asked. Make sure you have good writing skills for statements of purpose and essays if needed. Letters of recommendation or reference are an extra embellishment to your application.

Having a bachelor’s degree in a relevant program will surely boost up your chances, as it will provide you backup, establish a shared vision and enhance the relevance of your course. The application process is complex, so getting advice from previous graduates and alums will help you.

Why choose Health Economics jobs in Europe?

By numbers, you can analyze the employment opportunities and demands in this section. The starting salary of Health Economist jobs in Europe ranges from $30,000 to $35,000 and it goes on progression up to $75000 if you survive 10 years and that’s pretty good. It is a little expensive to live in Europe but you can save a lot too, even if you consider having a luxurious lifestyle. The rate of investment goes around 30%, so that’s lucrative too.

The Coronavirus has facilitated the need and demand of this sector has boomed. Health Economics gives you many professions to carry after the course like, medical analysts, healthcare and financial advisor, health strategist. A simple search of ‘Health Economist’ displayed around 16,000 jobs on LinkedIn, and 5,000 on Glassdoor just in Europe. 

Studying in Europe

Europe is a great and perfect place to start your career or study in the healthcare management sector. Be it public or private, online or offline mode, part-time or full-time, countries in Europe give you a whole lot of choices to opt from. Apart from colleges and universities, Europe also has top global research centres which are dedicated to the subject. Pursuing a Health Economist career is evidently highly rewarding.


It is advisable to fill the forms as soon as possible because the deadlines are close, some are even closed for this year. So, get on your devices and internet and start with your application if you want to know more about what is Health Economist. It will be difficult but worthwhile.

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