What’s Clinical Research and Clinical Research UK jobs

The uncertainty and strain on the healthcare sector were highlighted during this pandemic and the burden was taken up by medical professionals. The hectic and heavy workload has made many healthcare professionals rethink their career paths. This has paved the way for a better living and safer work environment hence, opt for Clinical Research UK jobs. Start by understanding what’s clinical research.

So, what's Clinical Research?

It involves determining the efficiency and accuracy of medicine, medical device, or treatment by testing if it is safe for human use. In Clinical Research, one collects evidence of the usefulness of the treatment. The detailed article on this career path can be found here.

Now that we know what’s Clinical Research and, given the current safety and health concerns in healthcare, a career in Clinical Research will help you contribute to the sector with an improved life in a developed country.

Clinical Research Study Route in UK

Studying Clinical Research in top universities like Imperial College London, and King’s College London is a difficult task without the right motivation and guidance. Moreover, English competence, as demonstrated through IELTS or TOEFL scores, is mandatory. Application may include essays, SOP, recommendation, and interview also. It is essential to get these right. The average cost of these courses is around £20,000 to £30,000 with cheaper costs for part-time options.

One can completely recover their investment for studying within two to three years of working as a Researcher after deduction of living costs.

Most important is to plan effectively for your application process and for that the basic documentation required are;

  • Attested copies of mark sheets of class X, XII
  • Bachelor’s degree (if applicable)
  • At least, two academic reference letters from professors who have taught you most recently
  •  If you have work experience then two letters of recommendation from the employer
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  •  Resume
  •  Photocopied score reports of GMAT / IELTS / TOEFL
  • Others (certificates/achievement at the state and national level and extracurricular activities) and Proof of funds.

The main intake seasons are September/October and January/February.

Clinical Research UK jobs prospects & salary

With the expected growth, one can be assured to earn better than their current pay in India while also enjoying a better standard of living in the United Kingdom in commercial hubs like London. There are several Clinical Research organisations in Ireland. There are also plenty of job opportunities in the UK, which we can see from the search engine results for Clinical Research: Jobsite.co.uk has 1,269 jobs, Reed.co.uk shows a result of 809 jobs, Adzuna.co.uk has 3,070 listings, Glassdoor gives us 1,812 results and LinkedIn shows around 6,511 results.

The pay for a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) in their early career is around £34,016. They can experience a 1.05% growth rate in their pay every year. Around mid-career, the pay would be around £36,040 and in their late-career, they can earn around £44,000. Similarly, the early, mid-career, and late-career pay for a Clinical Project Manager are £40,695, £50,050, and £59,000 respectively, with a CAGR of 1.50%.

Living in the UK

The average annual living cost in the United Kingdom is about £24,400. Picking up part-time jobs on the campus can offset some expenses. Students may work up to 20 hours at a maximum per week. This is in the case of term-time. They can work full-time during holiday breaks.


It’s time for improvement and to see oneself flourish in an enriching and conducive environment. As you are familiar with what’s Clinical Research and if you think you are interested in exploring this opportunity and are willing to take the step, please leave your details below.

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